Northshore Fairy Godmother Project

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We need your help to get Cinderella to the prom,
and want to help you empty those closets!

What We Need: 

  • Gowns (New or Gently-worn)
    • Please ensure dresses are clean before you donate them--we are NOT able to dry clean
  • Purses
  • Jewelry
  • Monetary Donations
  • Dry Cleaning Services

How to Donate:

  • Drop off the donation at one of our drop-off locations (see list below)
  • Mail the donation to us at:
    • The Northshore Fairy Godmother Project
    • P.O. Box 125
    • Nahant, MA 01908

Drop-off locations in Lynn, Middleton, and Peabody:

  • Any Toomey's & Robert's Cleaner Locations--Lynn, Middleton or Peabody
  • Jack and Jill Hair Salon
    • 30 Boston St. Brookside Mall
    • Lynn, MA 01904
    • (781) 592-4972
  • SPUR
    • 6 Anderson Street
    • Marblehead, MA
    • Hours: 9a-2p Tues-Thurs
  • The Residence at Vinnin Square
    • 224 Salem Street
    • Swampscott, MA
    • Hours: 9a-7p

    If you are unable to drop off or mail your donation, or have a large donation of dresses, please contact us & we will ask one of our volunteers to pick up your donation

    Call 781.594.1255 for a pick-up and leave your desired location and time